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About Us

The Story

In 2003, our founder and master seamster, Albert T., moved to Colorado to pursue his dreams of living and working in the mountains. He first began making bags for friends and local business, and soon for larger businesses as well. Many design firms sought out Albert, as he had both the creativity and skill to prototype their bags.

Albert gained decades of experience by working with anyone who came across his doorstep. However, many of the large brands he once worked with soon began moving their manufacturing overseas, resulting in reduced quality. In response, Albert established Alexxander in 2013. Alexxander is a unique brand that designs, prototypes, and manufactures bags entirely in Colorado.

Albert plans to use his experience to keep products made by hand, using the best quality materials. Even our entire team is comprised of the Colorado communities and their friends.


The Name

Our founder named the company “Alexxander” after his only son. This name represents our family values and unique nature.


Carry on with Confidence

The Alexxander Team is dedicated to providing exceptional products. We test for quality, inspect for material defects, and evaluate workmanship in all of our products.

By making high quality designs that represent the local makers, we show the value of producing small and purposefully. All of our items are hand made and inspected by our quality controller, Christy. Some say she even has X-ray vision.

For continued quality assurance, we use lock stitching and nylon thread to create products that are durable down to their essence.


The Lifetime Guarantee

We ensure that every item is of the highest caliber; this is backed by our lifetime guarantee. We will promptly repair or replace the gear if you find any issue with workmanship or materials. 

Please email us for shipping and repair information. In some cases, owners may be held responsible for shipping costs.